Step by step realise your home automation system.

   Étape par étape, réalisez votre système domotique.


The Hous'Control concept allows you to build yourself

the home automation for a few tens of dollars.

 But Hous'Control is above all a tool for personal development. Step by step following this guide you will learn the different functions of the components that make up the kit.

These components are in common use and they are easily available for a few euros or dollars. Getting started does not require any particular skill, the concept has already been successfully completed by a twelve-year-old who has methodically followed the wiring to achieve.

The programming part of arduino modules are provided on this site. For beginners I can possibly provide you the Mega and Uno arduino card already programmed. By choosing to upload the program yourself, you can actually modify and adapt HousControl for your use.

The lines of code are commented to find the many examples, combined with reading the guide you will progress both in electronics and programming.

I will explain to you soon, how to use it with Google Home.

The mobile app offers common controls for a home such as heating, lighting control, alarm, opening and closing gates, garages, shutters, as well as ten other individual controls. The application also accepts voice commands. You can program any order, there is no limit in understanding the words or the phrase "Sesame open up! Can work too if it's your choice.

This project is also ideal to progress in a university course or in a professional project. Quickly you will see your progress and will be able to create your own applications such as creating a presence simulation or any other automatism. The use of the guide on home automation is free, the mobile application is available menu: APP for Android and Arduino. 

I wish you a lot of satisfaction and pride in achieving your home automation.