Step by step realise your home automation system.

   Étape par étape, réalisez votre système domotique.


Apps for Android and programs for Arduino..

Your needs :

Android phone or tablet with Bluetooth to connect with the Arduino mount.
The phone or tablet must have a Wi-Fi and Internet connection if you want to use voice commands. (But it's not essential)

Application domotique pour Android

The mobile app offers common controls for a home such as heating, lighting control, alarm, opening and closing gates, garages, shutters, as well as ten other individual controls. The application also accepts voice commands. You can program any order, there is no limit in understanding the words or the phrase "Sesame open up! Can work too if it's your choice. With your application you can connect in bluetooth to as many arduino interface as you want. For example, it is possible for you to split the control of your heating for the floor and the ground floor.




Application domotique pour arduino


Application domotique pour Android

To control your home, you will use your phone or tablet in Android. You can also use an obsolete phone. For the price of a sandwich and a cola the program for Android HousControl is the remote control of your system, no further modification is necessary. This application allows you to control the main applications of a house. And for your personal applications that are not planned, you can assign a new application to one of the 10 buttons at the bottom. The application also accepts voice commands type: Sesame open ... This to the extent that your phone or tablet also has WiFi and Internet access. From the examples mentioned, you will be able to create your own sequence (Example of successive actions: Sesame open: The gate and the garage door open, the alarm stops and the heating switches to comfort mode)


For Android


For Arduino


  Houschauffage pour Android 



 Commande de chauffage pour Arduino

 On this app the plugs, gate, shutters, garage and alarm buttons have been removed.

 They are replaced by the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity functions recorded and the reset of the saved values. The voice commands present on Houcontrol are of course possible.

Conversely with Houscontrol it is possible to vocally request the existing commands on Housheating as "give me the minimum values"


The app for Android and the program for Arduino



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